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63. 1974 Peace Nobelist from Japan : SATŌ. Eisaku Satō was the 39th Prime Minister of Japan and shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Seán MacBride in 1974.

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6. Canola __ : OIL 7. Demoted planet : PLUTO. The demotion seemed a shame. It's not like it had been doing anything differently since it was discovered, just orbiting ...

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Clear Ayes said... I agree that it was time to change. I think it was more confusing to leave it the way it was, since the Star Tribune is not printing the ...

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A blog about crosswords and puzzles ... 1. Some daily activities : HABITS - Let's see; coffee, cigars, Monster energy, cursing, bathing, brushing teeth - but I did ...

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A blog about crosswords and puzzles ... 42D. Gave stars to kippers? : R AT ED HERRING. Red herring. Easy puzzle, yes?

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